For Voluntary Organisations and Groups…

isore Media can provide a valuable service to voluntary groups, offering help to disadvantaged people through the provision of workshops.  These workshops aim to give participants worthy and relevant skills, potential work and placement opportunities within the media industry. As a company we can also contribute to promoting a general feeling of self-worth and self-esteem; thus, allowing people from these groups to regain their sense of belonging within society. we have the capacity, resources and knowledge to provide workshops for groups of numerous sizes.

Workshops will consist of 8 to 10 weeks of learning and experiencing all aspects of film/video production. Aspects that will be covered range from, the initial creation of an idea, including storyboarding. Participants will learn how to write a script and have experience doing this, they will also experience and learn to handle and use film making equipment, eventuating in the successful production of a short film which has been edited by the group members themselves.  At the end of the workshop, the participants will have created their own short film on a subject that they choose as a team, which will enable the development of skills required to work in a group. The group members will also be educated in the skills required to manage a project and retain skills such as organisation and delegation, participants will also learn the skill of identifying job roles, and plan and locate potential filming locations. Participants will be working within the community to acquire the permission to film in areas of the community of their choosing. Subsequently after completing the workshop, participants will successfully achieve an accredited qualification from OCN, WMR, a workbook will be provided to substantiate evidence to present towards the qualification.

Additionally, isore Media provides films for use in rehabilitative workshops, tailored for these specific social groups.  By making films that are relevant, interesting and identifiable to the group, the mission of a voluntary organisation in ‘striking a chord’ with the participants can be achieved.  This is an area we feel is distinctly lacking and currently unavailable in the region and the UK as a whole. With the prison population soaring, we feel there needs to be achievable and sustainable measures put in place to provide successful rehabilitation for offenders. Through continuing work with our current partners, SIAS, HMP Prison Services and probation services throughout the country we believe this can be achieved.

For the Private Sector…

isore Media offers a cost-effective promotional film-making service for businesses in both the private and third sectors.  Making a film needn’t require a Hollywood budget.  Our creative flair and proven film-making skills allow us to help even those on smaller budgets achieve an effective promotional DVD. Providing an equal opportunities service for all facilities.

Promotional DVD

To promote the benefits that your business offer, you could try our DVD service. We will creatively showcase what your business has to offer and produce a  professional standard, high quality,  DVD production that will highlight the essence, effectiveness and positive attributes of your business.

There are many beneficial reasons why a coperate DVD is an exellent investment, such as:

  • To attract new customers
  • A valuable promotional tool
  • To present at annual general meetings, business meetings, networking events and conferences
  • As part of your website
  • As a training tool to new employees and volunteers
  • To use as a future funding tool to showcase your service